Welcome to the Ocean Agenda:

The Ocean Agenda aims to create a peaceful forum for diplomacy and strategic planning regarding sustainable management of the world’s ocean. We focus on bringing together academic experts, government, non-government agencies, and business to focus on creating a guiding community and platform that can be used to address sustainable resource use with a lens on using new technologies to aid in maritime domain management and planning.

Sustainable, profitable ocean economies enhance tourism, allow for safe shipping and commerce, thriving fisheries, clean energy, and engagement of the global venture capital tech and ngo ecosystem for increased investment in ocean technologies and solutions. The Ocean Agenda programs will enable partners and members to participate to become the diplomatic stewards and policy inventors for a peaceful global future. There is a need for ongoing facilitated dialogue between parties interested in new technology and processes for better global stewardship of the Earth’s ocean resources and landscapes, hence the genesis of a new Ocean Agenda.

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